Why do this workshop?
Moving Motivators is an exercise meant to help us reflect on motivation and how it affects organizational change.

How to run this workshop?
Step One: Define which motivators are important to you. Place the cards in order from left (most important) to right (least important.)

Step Two: Discuss how change affects your motivators.  For example: If you’re wondering if you should change jobs, which would mean moving to another city, learning a new skill and making all new friends, how does that affect what motivates you? It’ll most likely increase some motivators and decrease others. Move the cards up for a positive change and down for a negative one and then look at whether you have more cards up or down. This is a great way to help make decisions.

Step Three: Time for reflection and discussion. Talk to your teammates about which motivators are least and most important to them. This will give you better insight into what drives your colleagues and allow you to create stronger relationships and increase collaboration. Use it also as a tool to reflect and assess your own life decisions. When most of your important motivators go down or when the least important ones go up it might be time for reflection. 

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