Enrico Teotti

End-of-Year Retrospective


Use this meeting to reflect on what happened this past year, what you make of it, and what your next wise action will be to influence next year. This can be in a work context or family context.

Why? Experience + Reflection = Learning.

When you skip the reflection, you run the risk of making lots of dumb mistakes because you failed to capture and apply the learning from your own experiences.

Like all retrospectives, this meeting will help ensure your group actually learns something from the remarkable experiences in 2020.

Intended outcomes

  • A shared perspective on what happened
  • Awareness of recurring patterns, both healthy and counterproductive
  • Understanding of links between cause and effect
  • One or two ideas for experiments to try in the next year

How to run this workshop?
Read the full article explaining how to run this session: https://blog.lucidmeetings.com/blog/hindsight-is-2020-how-to-run-a-year-in-review-team-retrospective


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