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Paul Sanbar

Paul Sanbar

Coaching with Six Thinking Hats

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Why do this workshop?
Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats technique is an extremely useful way to debate an issue, solve a problem, or to arrive at an important decision. The technique encourages a group to approach the issue at hand from all possible angles. About the technique During a meeting it is often the case that people use different thinking processes, which can make it difficult for a meaningful discussion to take place. For example, if someone wants to put forward a new idea when someone else is still thinking about the practicalities of the last idea, they will not listen properly to each other. To resolve this situation, de Bono suggests that everyone thinks about the same issues at the same time, by putting on six different metaphorical hats. Each hat has a different color, and represents a particular type of thought process, as shown below:

How to run this workshop?
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Paul Sanbar
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