When to use the Card Brainstorming template?
We use Card Brainstorming for generating new ideas and choosing what to prioritize first.

How to do Card Brainstorming?
The Card Brainstorming process consists of five key stages:

Problem Solving Cards: 
Answer each question on a separate card of the same colour, placing the most important answers in the middle.

Framing Statements: 
Starting from the middle, choose 1 card from each colour and create a statement.

Brainstorm new ideas based on the framing statements.

Effort/Priority Matrix: 
Take your ideas and plot them by amount of effort and level of priority. Take the ideas from the top left quadrant as good next steps.

Action Items: 
Rank your top sticky notes, starting with what you want to work on first.
Use this when you need to generate new ideas for a problem you're trying to solve.


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