Atlassian Team Plays: Mind Map

Guidelines for the Mind Map

Step 1: Turn your brain on 5 min
Start with a specific question that is central to your topic or problem. Write it in the first node.
Now write down any thoughts that spring to mind in relation to this question (even if the thought isn't an answer, per se). Each thought should be a separate bubble hovering around the question in the middle.
Resist the urge to self-edit or over-think it at this stage. Just let it flow.

Step 2: Branch out 10 min
Once you've got an initial set of ideas, use each one to create a branch of more ideas. Miro builds a map for you while you focus on the actual ideas. Simply add "child nodes" by pressing Tab. Add your content and press Enter.

Step 3: Grab the gold coins 5 min
Go back over your mind map and highlight the ideas that resonate strongest with you. Is there anything missing? Or are there ideas worth exploring further?
With any luck, you'll have hit upon one or two ideas that get you un-stuck and solve your problem. If so, great. Move onto planning your next steps. If not, share it with your team as a way of bringing them into the conversation.


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