Chris Weier

Chris Weier

Chris Weier

3 Tools to build stronger Teams

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Why do this workshop?
Build a strong team and trustful relationships between your team members!

How to run this workshop?
You can use any of the three introduced tools or combine them in your sessions. 
Tool #1: Checkin checkout 
When to use: at the beginning and the end of each meeting or workshop 
What’s the purpose? Checking-in/out invites each team member to be present, seen, and heard. Checking-in emphasizes presence, focus, and group commitment; checking-out emphasizes reflection and closure. 
Tool #2: Project Goals 
When to use: at the project’s kickoff. 
What’s the purpose? This tool can help provide clarity about “what success looks like”; uncover hidden assumptions about activities, outcomes, success, and failure; and identify potential causes of failure. Get your team aligned towards the same goals! 
Tool #3: I appreciate - a Feedback exercise 
When to use? Effective feedback given regualrly is one of the most important ingredients in building constructive relationships and strong teams 
What’s the purpose? Feedback helps your team members gain a growth mindset. Feedback creates a culture that enable learning and growth, which results in improved engagement and productivity.

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Chris Weier

We seed innovation and enable our clients to create substantial new value for their company and their customers. With our Product Strategy Sprint we empower businesses to solve a major challenge and develop a validated Product & Growth Strategy within just 8 weeks.

Believing in the power of Co-Creation, we create tailor-made programs to learn User-Centric Thinking, Design Thinking, Innovation Design and Design Sprints. With our Innovation Lab x Copenhagen we offer a strategic exploration of different ecosystems: to understand new behaviors, test out new things and engage in high-level partnerships.

About myself: Since the dot-com era, my passion has always been to create enjoyable and meaningful digital products and services. Starting my career as a self-taught Developer, I soon realized I was striving to create great digital experiences as a UX and later also UI Designer. I wanted to have a job where no day is like the other, constantly learning and being challenged. That's why I founded my company in 2007 and my first startup in 2008.

I am an Explorer and a Sprinter: I am best in an environment of uncertainty and creativity and thrive when being able to execute at a blistering pace.

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