Metro Retro

4Ls Retrospective: Liked, Lacked, Learned, Longed For

Metro Retro
Why do this workshop?
A popular retrospective template. This format gives people an opportunity to express themselves through a range of categories.

How to run this workshop?
Time needed: 60 minutes 
Run this exercise similarly to most retrospectives:

  1. Ideate - ask people to write their sticky notes for each category - 10 minutes
  2. Share and present their points - 20 minutes
  3. Identify patterns and group similar sticky notes - 10 minutes
  4. Vote on the most important issues - 5 minutes
  5. As a team, decide what actions to take for the top 3 voted issues. - 15 minutes

Tip: start this retro with a tongue-twisting Ice Breaker - get everyone to say the categories as quickly as they can four times: "Liked-Lacked-Learned-Longed For!"


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